Tomorrow in Rome a torchlight walk and a special screening to say no to violence

1/9/2012 tomorrow, january the 10th, the City of Rome will stop in memory of Joy e Zhou Zeng, victims of the horrible murder that took place in the area of Torpignattara, few steps from the streets where the first scenes of Li and the Poet were shot. We invite you all to take part to the torchlight walk starting at 5 PM at Piazza della Marranella in Torpignattara. Right after the walk, a special free screening of Li and the Poet will take place in Nuovo Cinema Aquila (in collaboration with JoleFilm, Parthenos, Associna  e ZaLab). This evening wants to be a necessary moment of sorrow, dignity and exchange through which the civil society wants to firmly condemn every form of violence and answer to it mobilizing the healthiest parts of the multiethnic community living in Rome. You can read here the letter written by Andrea Segre to comment this initiative.

Three special appointments for Li and the Poet coming up next week!

12/8/2011 Li and the Poet gets in the Christmas mood with three special screenings devoted to debate, sharing and exchange with the cities hosting these events.  Cities that have quite a special relation with Segre’s movie.

The first screening will be in Chioggia (Veneto), not just a city but an actual character in the film, where Li and the Poet will be screened again starting December 11th for four days (calendar).

On December 13th the second appointment will be in Prato (Tuscany), the city hosting one of the biggest Chinese communities in Europe. The evening will be dedicated to the theme of cultural identity, starting with a cocktail party followed by the screening and a debate animated by several guests: the Presidente of the Province Lamberto Gestri, Councilor for Culture Edoardo Nesi, actors Giuseppe Battiston, Roberto Citran, Wang Juan, co-scriptwriter Marco Pettenello an director Andrea Segre.

Turin, one of the Italian cities of cinema, will be the last destination of this trip: Sottodiciotto Film Festival will pay an homage to Segre’s work, screening two of his documentaries (“South of Lampedusa” and “Green Blood”) on December 14th, followed by the screening of Li and the Poet on the 15th.

Unstoppable! “Shun Li and the Poet” triumphs at MedFilmFestival 2011
There is one more award to add to the already rich palmarés owned by Andrea Segre’s work
. It is the Amore and Psiche Award, conferred yesterday evening in Rome by the International jury of the MedFilmFestival 2011. The big crowd of cinemagoers, patiently waiting in line outside the Casa del Cinema to watch the movie’s screenings last week, left more than a hope for a good result. Then, yesterday, the official aknowledgment arrived: “for it’s accuracy and the poetry with wich the film traits a current subject, and for the compassion of its characters, witout falling into easy sentimentalism and exotique manipulation”. “Li and the Poet” gains this prestigious achievement ex aequo with the film “The Orion”, by the Iranian director
 Zamani Esmati.

Double appointment for “Li and the Poet” this week: the movie will compete at festivals in Rome and Terni

“Li and the Poet” continues its journey across the main Italian and International film festivals: the movie will be in competition at Umbria International Film Fest (Terni, from November 20th to 27th) and MedFilmFestival in Rome (November 19th/27th).

Donne d’Oriente e Donne d’Occidente (Women from the East and Women from the West) is the title of the 7th edition of the Umbrian event, the only film fest in Italy exclusively dedicated to inter-religious and intercultural dialogue. “Li and the Poet”, taking most of its strenght and originality by approaching the theme of integration from a female point of view, perfectly fits among the movies selected for the competition this year.
The film will be screened on Wednesday November 23rd, at 5.50 PM at Cityplex Politeama.

The activist and blogger Lina Ben Mhenni, candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace for the strong impulse she gave to the recent Arab Spring, will be the very special witness to the theme characterizing all the festival’s initiatives this year. Famous director Liliana Cavani, who will be awarded with a special lifetime achievement prize, is the President of the Jury, while Maria Grazia Cucinotta will be the patroness of the event. Many special guest will take part to the festival, among the others: actors Pupi Avati, Valentina Lodovini, Giobbe Covatta, Valeria Solarino, Isabella Ragonese and the famous film critic Morando Morandini.

The intercultural dialogue through the power of the “seventh art” will also be the central theme of the MEDFILM  FESTIVAL 2011, where Li and Poet has been chosen among the films representing the most interesting novelties from Mediterranean Countries’ cinematographies.

Casa del Cinema will host the screening of the movie on Novembre 22nd at 10.30 AM and on wednesday 23rd at 8 PM.
Director and Founder of the festival Ginella Vocca offers an extremely rich programme this year: during 9 days of screenings it will be possibile to see 40 premieres, 3 sections of competition, 12 films competing in the Official Competition, 13 documentaries, 18 short films, focus on Israel, Spain and Morocco.

Egypt and Tunisia, guests of honours of this year, will be the protagonists of a journey across the stories and the faces of the Arab Spring, pictured by documentaries and short films. Romania and its fast growing cinematography will be the third guest of honour.

Among the numerous special guests of the festival, the extraordinary figure of international movie star Omar Sharif stands over all the others: the legendary actor will be awarded with a lifetime achievement price on the closing ceremony on November 26th.

“Shun Li and the Poet” wins Eurimages Award at Seville European cinema Festival 2011

During the closing ceremony of the Festival on November 11th, the Eurimages Award Jury decided unanimously to award Segre’s work, with the following reason: “…for having approached a very present-days, familiar to everybody and concrete subject (that of the integration of inmigrants), with sensibility and simplicity (but without lacking quality and complexity at all), using succesfully all the expressive potential of the cinematographic medium…” The amount of the prize (20.000 Euros) supporting the best European coproductions of the year, will finance the distribution of the movie in Spain.

Big success for Shun Li and the Poet: the journey continues…with Italians and Chinese!

Seven weeks after its first screening, Shun Li and the Poet achieves the remarkable result of 300,000 Euros income, in spite of the few copies available (23) and the reduced advertising launch. The film keeps on attiring a growing and enthusiastic audience, as well as extremely positive critics.  This result, more than encouraging, allows the movie to be currently screened in about ten theatres troughout Italy and a vast circuit of independent cinemas, provincial towns’ movie theatre, Festivals and film shows. Word-of-mouth has been fundamental for the pursue of the brilliant achievement: a “silent” wave started from the audience, wisely herd by the distribution and supported by movie theatres’ owners who believed in the success of the film. A success that is not only domestic but also international, thanks to the partecipation of Shun Li and The Poet to several Festivals, where the film already gained some important awards. In order to support and celebrate these achievements, Parthenos and JoleFilm, in partnership with ZaLab, decided to give further impulse to the distribution and to open this blog. The blog will provide several information: a complete and updated CALENDAR OF SCREENINGS (more than 40 dates are currently available in November),  the latest news from presentations at Italian and International Festivals, information about HOW TO COLLABORATE TO THE MOVIE’S DISTRIBUTION.  This last section is provided for those who want to get information about how (and where) to organize a screening or those who simply would like the movie to be screened in their city.

Last but nor least, Shun Li and the Poet is not just and Italian movie, but is supposed to be also an occasion for everybody to meet with the Chinese communities in Italy. Therefore, the movie’s facebook page in chinese is now available to give and receive information to and from the Chinese community.

A mail address is also available for further information and requests: comunicazione.iosonoli@yahoo.com



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